Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I can't believe you've been gone for twenty-two years now. We had a great time while you were here though. Didn't we? How I miss our talks over coffee and donuts.

I hope you know what a wonderful father you were. We never had much money, but you had a knack for making things fun. I loved going to the park with you to watch the ducks. My love for the shore started the first time you took me to the beach. It was magical when you introduced me to the "sound of the ocean" when I put a seashell up to my ear. I may have hated it when you were over-protective, but looking back on it now, I never felt so safe. I knew you were looking out for me.

I think one of my best memories was the Christmas Eve you and I walked for miles looking for a Christmas tree on sale. We finally found one, right before they closed up shop. We pulled it back home on a sled through the snow. Just you and I. I'll never forget it, Daddy.

Thanks for all the things you taught me. I wish that you could see how great my kids turned out. They would have loved you. And my grandkids, too.

I wish my girls had a relationship with their father like we had. Or at least make the best of it. No matter what, I know they'll miss him when he's gone, and it will be too late.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day. I hope you're playing a game of golf somewhere in Hawaii. Say hello to Mom.

I miss you both. So much.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Passing Whispers The Making of the Book Trailer

While I'm waiting for the official book trailer to be produced and edited, I made a behind the scenes video of the MAKING of the book trailer. We learned a lot, but it was great fun! Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment or share the link. Thanks!