Friday, September 25, 2015

My First Children's Book!

Okay. Time for Plan B. My paranormal romance novel 'Passing Whispers' was pretty much a flop (sniff, sob). So there went my dreams of being on the NY Times Best Seller List, writing a screenplay for the movie which I was sure would become a must-see every Christmas, an Oscar of course, and possibly winning a Pulitzer prize. You get the idea. Good thing I had Plan B ready. 

I raised three children. I have three grandkids. I have quite a vivid imagination, so there it was. I decided to try my hand at writing Children's Books! Sounded like fun. I could reach inside (way inside) and tap my inner child for ideas. Not to mention the added benefit of increasing my popularity with the grandkids.

My very first children's book, 'There's a Monster in My Closet!' will be released on November 24th, 2015. But if you order it before the beginning of November, you can get it before Christmas. It's available in soft and hard covers, E-book and even a promotional cartoon! It has a 3-D cover. It comes with a free link to an audio page on the Internet, so the kids can listen to it whenever they play it. Heck. If you live in the Southern NJ area, I'll even come to your child's school and read it to their class. What more could you want?

Hopefully I won't have to come up with a Plan C. I've actually never heard of anyone using their Plan C's, so that makes me think that Plan B's must be fairly successful. Either that, or the people give up. But I'm no quitter, so Plan B it is!

You can order this soon to be famous book by clicking this link:

There's a Monster in My Closet!
by Lisa Brooks

Did you ever wonder what makes those bumps you hear in the middle of the night? Where are those shadows on the wall coming from? Is that doorknob really turning? It's just your imagination. Or is it?

Every child thinks there's a monster living in their closet. But one night, JT finds out he's right!
And JT's monster believes there's a monster living in his closet. He's right too. It's JT!

Follow along as these two young boys in There's a Monster in My Closet go from fear to friendship and learn that just because you're different doesn't mean you're a monster.

44 pages - $13.99 (paperback)