Wednesday, July 4, 2018

No Ordinary Day

Sitting here petting my dog on this 4th of July 
I realize that there is no such thing 
as an ordinary day.

Just as this date changed the course 
of American history  
it will also change the lives of others... 

Someone will be diagnosed with cancer.  
Somebody will be killed in an automobile accident.   Someone will lose their job.  
  A teenager will run away from home.  
A family will watch their house burn down.  
A child's puppy will be struck by a car.  
A soldier will be killed.  
A boy will have his heart broken. 
Someone will lose their last dollar in a casino. 
A grocery store clerk will be held up at gunpoint.  
A young woman will miscarry.  
A husband will hold his wife's hand in the Intensive Care Unit for the last time. 
A young man will say goodbye 
to the grandfather who raised him.   
A child will be abducted.  
Somewhere, a heroin addict 
will overdose for the last time.  
An angry man will murder his wife.  
 A woman will find a lump in her breast.  
A man will be sentenced to prison 
for the rest of his life.   
A drunk will pick up his car keys.   

All these things are happening
to people just like me... 
somewhere in the world. 

Right now.  This very minute.  
While I sit here and pet my dog. 

I am stunned.  
Desperately searching for some glimmer of hope 
I realize that on this very same day...

A baby will be born.  
A young couple will get married.  
A lost kitten will be found.  
Someone will get a promotion.  
  A teenage boy will buy his first car.  
A young wife will discover 
that after years of trying, she's finally pregnant.  
A doctor will tell a worried family that the operation was a success.  
A young lady will have flowers 
delivered to her door.  
Two childhood friends will take off 
on a trip to Greece.  A singer will have a #1 hit.  
A child will be returned to his mother.  
A mortgage application will be approved.  
A dentist will inform a 5-year-old 
he doesn't have any cavities. 
A writer will sell her first book. 
And perhaps most importantly,
a life-long sinner will find Jesus Christ.

All this will happen on a most ordinary day.... today.

Always remember...
there is no such thing as an ordinary day.
Every day is a special day.
Each day is the beginning
or the end of someone's life.
An opportunity for salvation.

Make it count!