Friday, February 26, 2010


Darn this New Jersey weather. It's almost MARCH for crying out loud! Due to today's storm, we had to re-schedule the 'Passing Whispers' Photo Shoot, scheduled for tomorrow. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed. But, that's life. I'm hoping for April 24th.

My thanks and apologies to everyone involved in the Project. Don't worry... we'll get it done.

Always looking for something productive to do, I have joined with a group of writers to promote romance stories. Shhh! Take a peek when no one is looking!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quiet On The Set!

I'm really getting excited now. In two days we'll shoot the 'Passing Whispers' Book Trailer. The locations are booked and I have a very detailed story line to follow. The props are packed and all the costumes are ironed. My daughter, Christina, will get her manicure, pedicure and eye lash application tomorrow. Our leading man is already en route from Florida. Filming will begin at 9AM. We're expecting another big snow storm here in Jersey, but I hope it isn't raining or snowing while we're traipsing through the park and the cemetery. I'm sure we'll all have a lot of fun. Stay tuned for the Behind The Scenes Photos and story.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Persistence Pays!

It pays to be persistent! I found a local housing development who was happy to give me permission to use their sample home in my photo shoot next weekend. That was a relief. All the details are falling into place. I think the hardest part will be pulling it all together in a video. Thank goodness I have Mike Lizzio, a friend and videographer to help me.

It's been very exciting planning the photo shoot. I couldn't have done it without my friends and family, and God, of course!

Next weekend I will post the pictures of filming the shoot. I'm sure everyone will have a lot of fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Set Backs

I don't know why I thought everything would go smoothly. For some reason, none of the sample homes will let me do the photo shoot on their properties. I guess free advertising with no effort isn't enough of an incentive.

I will just have to do the indoor photos in my own condo. It's not nearly as large, spacious and well lit as the sample homes, but it's available. And free.

This weekend I am planning to scout out a local cemetery. I'm hoping to find a tombstone with a few of the letters of the last name 'SORRA'. That's the main characters last name, and it's supposed to be his tombstone. The model can obscure the other letters with her body if necessary. Hopefully, the family of that dearly departed soul won't be visiting on the day of the photo shoot.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Search For The Perfect Sample House

The photo shoot for my book trailer is scheduled for February 27th. I'd like to take a few photograhs in a sample house. These types of houses have professional interior decorating, which make a more beautiful back-drop. They are also clean and empty. No need to inconvenience a home owner. They are also spacious and usually have plenty of good lighting.

However, in asking several local builders for permission to take pictures in their sample homes, I have met resistance. Some wanted to charge me, even though I don't require anything from them, and will not disrupt the furniture. I only need an hour and would not interfere with any prospective buyers touring the property. Some declined because there might be "insurance issues". One thought I was a wacko for even asking.

I would give the builder credit at the end of the book trailer video. I would think any free advertising would be an incentive, but once again, I am wrong. I'm still waiting for a final answer from my favorite builder, so there's still hope.

Worst case scenario, I will just shoot the indoor pictures in my own condo.

I initially thought that I could photoshop a picture of a robber into a picture of a convenience store, thus eliminating the possibility of the fake robbery being mistaken a s a real one. I was afraid that we would all get arrested or shot by a police officer or SWAT Team. A high-tech friend of mine has advised me that if both pictures do not have the same lighting, it won't look authentic. The chances of both pictures sharing the same lighting are slim. I guess I'll try, and see how it turns out.