Monday, April 12, 2010

Vote For Me!

I recently entered the 'This Old House' contest. I submitted several pictures of the absolutely amazing renovation of my friend Ray's house, several years ago. 

When I met Ray, his house was practically falling down. His lawn was an over-grown jungle, hiding it from view (which many neighbors were thankful for). The porch was sagging. The mail had to be delivered to a box resting on the bottom step, as any attempt to climb the steps might cause it to collapse. The cedar-shake shingles were cracked and covered with ivy. Most of the windows didn't open. The master bathroom was covered in mold. There was no closet in the master bedroom.

Fearing for my safety while I was living there, my kids encouraged us to renovate the property. Luckily, my son, Joe Vance, Jr. ran his own home remodeling company. It took us nearly a year, but the results were amazing!

Ray's house was across the street from a park. As the renovations progressed, many joggers yelled words of encouragement. When it was finished, some even stopped and applauded!

Take a moment to view the before and after pictures. If you think our project is a winner, please vote for us. One vote per Internet address per day. The contest is over at the end of May. Rate us a "100", then hit the 'Submit' button. Thanks!

Fantastic, eh? Please vote!

Vance Home Remodeling

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