Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Am Now For Sale on Several Sites!

Guess what? I finally learned how to make my own Web Page with a Web Page Domain and all! Feel free to check it out! Plus, on the Home Page, you can order 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' for a much cheaper price than Amazon and Tate Publishing. Not to mention (to those who are interested) I will personally sign each book. Just think... maybe, just maybe, someday that book could be a collector's item and you'll think back to this day and think, "Oh why, oh why didn't I purchase 'There's a Monster In My Closet!' when it was cheap and easy to buy? How could I doubt that Lisa Brooks's book wouldn't become a Best Seller someday? A collector's items worth.. maybe millions!"

I would hate to have you thinking that way. Order the book. Maybe a few. They make great gifts. AND... in an independent study, this book given to children ages 3 to 10, whom I do not know, have not only given it a thumbs up, but have actually hugged the book for an average time of five minutes! How's that for liking it? Hmmm?

Are you clicking on the PayPal link?  It's right at the bottom of this page. Go right ahead. I don't want to disturb you....

BTW... Merry Christmas!

Lisa Brooks Books 

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There's a Monster In My Closet!

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