Monday, February 8, 2010

Search For The Perfect Sample House

The photo shoot for my book trailer is scheduled for February 27th. I'd like to take a few photograhs in a sample house. These types of houses have professional interior decorating, which make a more beautiful back-drop. They are also clean and empty. No need to inconvenience a home owner. They are also spacious and usually have plenty of good lighting.

However, in asking several local builders for permission to take pictures in their sample homes, I have met resistance. Some wanted to charge me, even though I don't require anything from them, and will not disrupt the furniture. I only need an hour and would not interfere with any prospective buyers touring the property. Some declined because there might be "insurance issues". One thought I was a wacko for even asking.

I would give the builder credit at the end of the book trailer video. I would think any free advertising would be an incentive, but once again, I am wrong. I'm still waiting for a final answer from my favorite builder, so there's still hope.

Worst case scenario, I will just shoot the indoor pictures in my own condo.

I initially thought that I could photoshop a picture of a robber into a picture of a convenience store, thus eliminating the possibility of the fake robbery being mistaken a s a real one. I was afraid that we would all get arrested or shot by a police officer or SWAT Team. A high-tech friend of mine has advised me that if both pictures do not have the same lighting, it won't look authentic. The chances of both pictures sharing the same lighting are slim. I guess I'll try, and see how it turns out.

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