Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Plan

I've decided to make 2011 a great year. Why should I sit back and let Fate make all the decisions?

I'm 55 years old. My cardiologist told me last week:"Lisa, you already have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a pacemaker. You're overweight and out of shape. You don't exercise and you smoke cigarettes. I don't have to tell what lies ahead of you. But, you're still young enough to change the course of you life. Start TODAY!"

WOW. His words burned into my brain like the Ghost of Christmas Future. If I want to live long enough to dance at my grand-children's weddings I better do something.

1) Quit smoking. Sigh. I've quit so many times I should be an expert. Chantix works great, but the last time I took it, it gave me horrific nightmares. I guess that's better than a dreamless eternal nap. January 1, 2011 I will quit. For good this time.
2) Exercise. Groan. I will start an exercise program. Step aerobics works the best for me and I already have all the equipment. Get them out and dust them off.
3) Diet and lose weight. Scream. I am a carboholic. I only eat meat and vegetables to keep me alive so I can eat more cake. But... if I'm dead, there will never be any more cake. All right, already. Sob. Sniff.

Some might say that I'm biting of more than I can chew. Make too many New Year's Resolutions and you're bound to fail. I usually only make one, and I never succeed, so I might as well go for the gusto. It's about time that I stopped being my own worst enemy. Even tough it was kind of fun.

Here goes. Wish me luck!

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