Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

     On this last day of 2010, I wonder how many lives were changed... forever? Was this a year you'll never forget?

      Somewhere... someone was diagnosed with cancer.  Somebody was killed in an automobile accident.  A young man contracted HIV.  Someone was fired from their job.  A teenage girl got pregnant.  Somewhere a wife found out her husband was cheating on her.  A teenager ran away from home.  A  family watched their house burn down.  A child's puppy was struck by a car.  A soldier was killed.  A boy had his heart broken. Someone lost their last dollar in a casino.  A man held his wife's hand in the Intensive Care Unit for the last time.  A grocery store clerk was held up at gun point.  A young woman miscarried. A man said goodbye to the grandfather who raised him. A child was abducted.  Somewhere, a heroin addict overdosed for the last time. An angry man murdered his wife. A woman found a lump in her breast. A man was sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. A drunk picked up his car keys...

     All these things happened somewhere in the people just like me. Maybe right next door. Maybe right this minute. I am stunned. 

     Desperately searching for some glimmer of hope I realize that in this very same year...   A baby was born.  A young couple got married.  A lost kitten was found.  Proud parents watched their youngest child graduate from high school.  Someone got a promotion.  Another won the lottery.  A teenage boy bought his first car.  A young woman discovered that after years of trying, she was finally pregnant.  A doctor told a worried family that the operation was a success.  A young woman had flowers delivered to her door.  Two childhood friends took off on a trip to Greece.  A singer had a #1 hit.  A child was returned to his mother.  A mortgage application was approved.  A dentist informed a 5 year old that he didn't have any cavities, and a 10th grade girl was asked to the prom.  

I ponder the wonder of it all and I'm left with just one lingering thought.  I must have WAY too much time on my hands.

Happy New Year! May 2011 bring joy, happiness, peace and love! 

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