Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Wandering Mind

Ever since I entered the Wonderful World of Menopause, I now have the attention span of a gnat.
Most of my days start out with good intentions. "I'm going to take down the Christmas tree today." Okay. I need a box. While looking for the box, I come across a few rolls of wrapping paper, which need to be put away in the closet. Where I find the heating pad I've been looking for. "I should put that beside the bed while I'm thinking of it." I notice my pill bottle on the night table. "Did I take my thyroid med today?" I open the bottle and realize that I only have a few tablets left. "I better order them on-line before I run out." So I sign on and see that a few friends have commented on my FaceBook posts. Kate shared one of my links. Before I can thank her, my attention is drawn to her interesting video about polar bears. When the bear cracks open the spy camera, it reminds me that I never put away the carton of eggs this morning after breakfast. For some reason, when I open the door to the fridge I begin to wonder if I ever paid my electric bill this month. I better check. Back on-line. Oh! Sara shared a link to buy my novel 'Passing Whispers'! Let me click on her and see what she's up to today. Before I do, I notice Lori must have had someone cut in line ahead of her at Wallmart. She's asking everyone what they would do. I should go to Wallmart today. I think I'm out of laundry detergent. Laundry. I better get a load on before I leave. While walking to the hamper  I pass by the Christmas tree. Oh! I never looked to see if I had a box...


kayspringsteen said...

I am so with you on ALL of this...never equated it with menopause...I just thought I was getting senile!

Lori.Anne said...

Lisa, I am SO there!!! I truly hate menopause!!! I tell my family all the time that I have Adult onset ADD (don't think that is really a disease, but I have it just the same). By the wasn't me who got cut in front of in Walmart...I just wanted to see if I was waaaaaaaaaaay off base by being pissed because the person I was with at the time practically started a fight!!! From the replies I got, I was off base.

Leave the tree up, Christmas is not over until January 6th.


the1940mysterywriter said...

If this is menopause related, I started at about age ten.