Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jumping In

Many of you know me as a fearless woman who is always looking for new adventures. Ready to fight for what she believes in. Tireless. Some say, a woman ahead of her time. Of course, those people only live in my mind.

However, I have had a few adventures, some of them actually dangerous and exciting. And I'm not talking paper cuts suffered from discreetly tearing out recipes from magazines in a doctor's office for a future dinner party I'll never have. I'm talking skydiving, stand-up comedy, witnessing a crime in progress, having a novel published (however short-lived the success) and finding Mr. Right.

Now, I'm about to enter something I've always wanted to do, but never did. What stopped me? Was it fear? Lack of confidence? No time? Nah. Probably more like lazy and watching too much ID on TV. 

But those days will soon be over. I'm going to start by entering 'NaNoWriMo'. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? Challenging! Exciting! Yes, that will be the new me. Mrs. Productive! This annual contest is for all writer's published and unpublished, successful and not, old or young, anyone, anywhere who has ever had a desire to write a novel. It's a way to get you away from the TV, off the couch, a no excuses excuse to write that new or next novel you've always thought about writing.

There's no winners.. only finishers. Those who dedicate themselves to writing 50,000 words in one month. Spelling, punctuation, nothing counts, except number of words. It's quantity not quality. And that, folks, is me to a tee. Always has been. You'll see.


Mina Donato said...

Ever the ultimate procrastinator, I read an article that insisted your time might be better spent reading three new novels a month than opposed to furiously writing gibberish which there is absolutely no doubt in my mind will:
1) never be read by anyone, including you
2) will be a total waste of time. You already know why is in your mind. You can't teach yourself anything. Reading novels by other (professional) authors will point you in the direction of new ideas and possibly teach you things you never knew.
So I am off to read a book. I will not waste anymore of my rapidly ending life in writing something as inane as Wri-Mo!

onmiownnow2 said...

O, wise little sister of mine... you are so right! I shall follow your advice and spend my time doing something that actually produces results. Like eating a entire bag of chocolate chip cookies! Thanks, sis! Love you!