Monday, December 21, 2009

On The Road To Fame & Fortune!

Here I am on the road to Fame & Fortune.


1) Wrote a novel titled 'Passing Whispers'. Check.
2) Sent it out to many, many publishing houses. Check.
3) Ate lots of chocolate to console myself when it was rejected. Check.
4) Got an E-mail from Devine Destines, informing me that they were interested in reading more than the first three chapters I had submitted. Check.
5) Devine Destinies suggested a few changes. I purchased an On-Line Editing Program to help me. Good grief. My sentences were too long, I ended many of them with prepositions, and I used WAY too many exclamation points! Took almost three months to correct my mistakes. Check.
6) Sent manuscript back in to Devine Destinies. They gave me a contract. I did the Happy Dance, and notified every living relative, friend, neighbor and creature in my life. Check.
7) I signed the contract and sent it back in. Check.
8) I applied for a copyright. It will take 9 months to get one. Check.
9) I sent requests to Carribbean Cruise Lines, Desperate Housewives, and Le Jules Verne Restaurant to allow me to mention their names in my book. Check.
10) I set up a Pay Pal Account (at the suggestion of my editor) in the event that the book sells. Check.
11) I updated my Blog so I could talk about the book (again, at the suggestion of my editor... WOW. "MY EDITOR". I don't think that will ever get old!) Check.
12) I completed the Cover Art Form and Author Information Form, and sent it back to my editor (sorry, I just love saying that). Check.
13) I started writing a screen play and discovered that I know absolutely nothing about writing screen plays. I purchased an On-Line Program to help me. Check.
14) I updated my Web Page to tell all my faithful Readers the good news. Check.

Now what?

I wish there was an On-Line Program for fame and fortune!

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Briteeyes said...

This is so exciting :) keep us posted and its going to sell I just know