Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guest Author: Angela Kay Austin

Please welcome Angela Kay Austin,
author of 'Love's Chance'.
1) Tell us a little about 'Love's Chance'.
'Love's Chance' is an idea that came to me based on a lot of what I saw and experienced while living in Central Pennsylvania. The characters, I believe, are at that time in their lives where they have to begin to think about that next step in life. The story follows them as they search their hearts to determine what they are willing to do for love. What is the balance between work, love and family?

2) Do you have a favorite genre? Is there one you'd secretly like to try?
Honestly, I love Contemporary Romance. Why? Because I love taking a peek into ordinary people's lives. Not millionaires living fantastically or the make believe, but ordinary people like me in everyday ordinary situations finding true happiness and love. It seems like every time you turn on the news you see another person going through pain or heartache, or there's another disaster. Just seeing ordinary people have happy lives is exciting. But I do have to admit that for similar reasons, I love Sci-Fi/Paranormal. Vampires/Werewolves, magic, other worlds. Whoa! How absolutely exciting that world seems.

3) Do you ever base your characters on real-life people?
No, but composites of things I've read, seen, heard about, imagined and experienced... sure. I think everything around us can be used to craft a story. And, I like using things that are relatable to my Readers. I want them to feel like they know the characters. They could be their neighbors, relatives, friends, or maybe them.

4) If you write a particularly moving scene, does it bring you to tears?
I have an unpublished short story I am submitting to different publishers that brought me to tears. The abuse and pain touched a nerve for me because I love children, and the hurt and loss is done to and of children. I didn't intend for it to be done, but I wrote it as I felt it, and I actually deepened the story idea based on some feeback from my mother. The results truly surprised me.

5) Are you working on another novel now?
Yes, I'm working on a few other interracial pieces, and some mainstream novels. I work full-time, and as a result, I don't always have the time that I'd like to write, but I take as much time as I can at night to sit and work on the different story ideas. I'm submitting a few different pieces; maybe your Readers will see something soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    To pay back her parents and prevent the loss of their family business, Sinclair Mosley leaves her family and friends behind. Pennsylvania doesn't welcome her with open arms, but Chance O'Malley does. At the risk of losing everything that brought her to Pennsylvania, including her family's restaurant, Sinclair must decide if she's willing to take a chance on love.

Thank you, Angela! It was a pleasure to interview you today. The best of luck with your writing.

Love's Chance - Available NOW from Red Rose Publishing

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello again, Angela,

You are getting around this week!

I also like writing contemporary stories. I find it more challenging to explore a world where magic can't always make it better.

Best of luck with your release.


eleanor said...

"as they search their hearts to determine what they are willing to do for love." Wow, something we all eventually do.

Paty Jager said...

It was fun getting to know you Angela.

I write historical, contemporary, and paranormal. I find each one has elements that make writing them a challenge. And I find the contemporary to be the hardest for me because I can't hide behind the history or the other world elements.

Kaye Manro said...

Great interview! You know is it so true in other genres you can use the elements, but in Contemporary, you have to be so there and up front with the characters and plot.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Lisabet, I try to poke my head in everywhere. I love meeting new people.

It can be extremely not to add in a touch of something out of the ordinary to smooth out everything, and make it all better.

Ordinary people living their lives the best way that they can, and finding love along the way.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Eleanor, I hope that we are all given the chance to explore those feelings.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Paty, it's so funny that you say that because I believe some think it's the opposite. The world as we know some don't think it's exciting enough.

But, like you Paty, I love them all.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Hey, Kaye,

Thanks for poking your head in. Contemporary doesn't offer anywhere for you to hide. It's all on the page.