Monday, June 23, 2008

Those Three Little Words

I think I’m a pretty good Mom.  Not the best… but… pretty good.  And I find myself saying three little words to my children almost everyday.  Apparently, they never get tired of hearing them.

Get a job!

I’ve whispered it, suggested it, shouted it, screamed it.. nothing works.  They have a million excuses.  They were sick, had a headache, sunburn, blisters, a broken toe, a cold sore, had a flat tire, there was no hot water to take a shower, the car wouldn’t start, there was no babysitter, they were having a bad hair day, they couldn’t find their resume, the printer was out of ink so they couldn’t print out a new one, they had a doctor’s appointment, the cable TV guy was coming, their best friend was having a crisis that only they could help her through, the alarm didn’t go off, someone gave them the wrong directions, they ended up at the wrong address, it was too hot and the car air conditioner wasn’t working, the roads were bad, they had written down the wrong date, they didn’t have enough gas in the car to make it there and back… the list goes on and on.
I usually have one answer to all their complaints about life.
“I’m bored.”  You’ll have plenty of money if you just get a job.
“I’m broke.”  You’ll have plenty of money if you just get a job.
“There’s never any food in the house.”  You can go food shopping if you just get a job.
“I never meet any decent guys.”  You’ll meet plenty of men if you just get a job.
“I have nothing to wear.”  You guessed it.  You’ll have plenty of clothes if you just get a job.
I sometimes wonder why they talk to me at all.  They know what my answer will be before I even give it to them.  Get a job.  Too bad watching Jerry Springer and spending countless hours on YouTube and My Space doesn't count for something.  They'd have a PhD by now.
I bet after Moses climbed the mountain and God gave him the Ten Commandments he added, “Moses… get a job.”
How could I have raised such unmotivated children? My son is a hard worker.  What happened to his sisters?  Now that they’re older they can’t afford to work for minimum wage.  But since they have no real work experience, no one will pay them any more than that.
“All my friends have CAREERS.”
All your friends went to college.
“Why didn’t you make ME go?”
What? Yes.  Of course.  It’s my fault.  What was I thinking?  I’m glad that all their lying around on the couch hasn’t been for nothing.  They were busy figuring out what caused their present plight.  ME.
I don’t have as much time as they do, to figure out what’s causing mine.  I only see one reason.  I had kids.  And only one answer.  Get a job and move away.
Well, I already have a job.  All I have to do now is find a new place to live.


suzypwr said...

Good luck with that!


bojgill4375 said...

When they are little they want to work and they can't. lol There must be something out there for them. lol Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my journal. Janie

ksquester said...

They could go visit UNCLE SAM.  You aren't alone in this boat. Thousands of parents are facing the same thing.  No good answers, but GET A JOB is good enough.   Anne

kymllr said...

oh God I just love this-you are so right! I have 2 grown sons both have "been going to fix my car" for 2 yrs now-mind you we have no mail delivery so i walk to the post office every day-30 below zero?you can imagine what I say on the way-now its 100 degrees-while son 40 next door lays on his rear whining "his back hurts"i have 7 disks gone ummmmmm i push a littel cart to the store and pull back 50lbs of dogfood-ummmmm guess what?my back hurts too.But then I am a woman.The other one-he lives a whole 23 miles away so ya know i only hear from  him when he wants to whine about whatever is wrong-although I have finally got through so now I just don't hear from him. My family would close down the jerrry springer show-2 15yr old granddaughters- I won't even go there-((HUGS)) I just love the way you write and no matter what you write-I swear its just like my life.LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

dbp2000 said...

So if they are ot working are you picking up their tab - room, board, gas, clothes, phone, etc?  Will you adopt me?