Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Are We Friends?

It's been fourteen years since we've led lives without Facebook. I can't remember what it was like without it. Facebook has deepened my present relationships and revived old ones. In just a few minutes, I can see what every single friend is up to, hoping to do and already done. There are pictures of them and their families. I can see what kind of movies, music, and recipes they enjoy. I'm right there when they get any kind of news, good or bad, and can offer words of encouragement, praise, prayers, and congratulations.

 I can't help but wonder if all this knowledge is... unhealthy. I now worry about more things and people than I ever did before. Are John and Cathy drinking too much? They're having cocktails in every picture. What if Nicole can't sell her house? Is Sara giving up writing? Jackie works too much. I hope Rose does well in school. Jude is going to miss her grandson so much. Rupal will make such a good mother someday. I can't believe Ken and Barbie broke up.  Sharon's still in pain after her surgery. Bonnie is having strange dreams. I see Jeanette's mother doesn't like what she's wearing in one of her videos. Rita graduated and got a new job. We'll miss her. Theresa got married? Let me see what he looks like... Amy's baby is adorable. Cathy and Ray are going to Disneyworld. Lori's pregnant! 

OMG! If my daughter leaves that picture of herself up there, I'll have to kill her.

The hours creep by. I'm still reading. FaceBook is addicting.

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