Friday, October 19, 2018

The Jackpot

Tonight's Mega Millions Lottery is worth 
Incredible. Exciting. But in a way... disturbing.

If we as a people could pool our money together to create a jackpot worth a billion dollars, why can't we collect the same amount of money to cure cancer?

It was so easy. We all cooperated and followed the rules. We didn't complain or try to get out of it. We even had to get up off the couch or stop on the way home from work to go and purchase a ticket. Every family, in every state. Rich or poor. All faiths and without a single political crack.

We'll make time in our busy schedules to check the numbers or even tune in to watch the drawing, to see if we win.

Why? Are we willing to spend our hard earned money and make an effort as long as there's a chance, no matter how slim, that we might live the rest of our lives in luxury? 

But would we spend the same amount of money, 
or expend as much energy to save someone's life? 

A family member or a child. A neighbor or a co-worker. Even a stranger on the street. Would it then be too expensive? Find ourselves too busy? 

I just can't understand how we can chip in and collect a billion dollars in a short time, without complaint for a contest, but not do the same to eradicate the biggest, deadliest disease in the world.

Why not? Why don't we do it? Why is it even a question? And if people read this, will they demand it? Form long lines to donate? Make a special stop to get there? 

If it's all about the prize... is there any better prize than a cure for cancer?

Not in my book.

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