Monday, October 1, 2018

Reach Out and Type Someone

We have reached a time when communication is so simple we can reach out and touch someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of the recliners in our own living rooms. No need to buy a ticket, drive a car, find a companion, get directions, take off from work or get a babysitter. 

Our devices memorize and remember important dates. Times. Appointments and occassions. Phone numbers. Addresses. Passwords. Account numbers.

We needn't leave home to send mom flowers or renew a prescription. Why walk the aisles of a supermarket when you can shop from home and have them delivered?

Why fly? It's so much easier and cheaper to skype a visit. You can attend your grandson's birthday party via 'live' video. Almost like you're really there. Connect with family, friends, and classmates you haven't seen since you were a child.

From classrooms to board meetings all you really need is a laptop. We can be on the scene of every breaking news story anywhere in the world. Do all your banking and pay your bills without entering the buildings.

'Alexa' or 'Siri' can answer all your questions. Libraries and encyclopedias are obsolete.

Your appliances can turn themselves on and off. You can see who's ringing your doorbell from the office. Watch the kids get home from school. Unlock the door for them. See where your teenager is hanging out. 

When was the last time you had to stop for directions? Who doesn't have a GPS? Tell the radio to play your favorite tunes. Ask the TV what's on tonight. Do all your Christmas shopping in twenty minutes at 2am. 

Make your doctor appointments online. Review your labs and reports. Check your own blood pressure and EKG. Have your DNA analyzed. Skype a visit to your psychologist.

Check out your neighbors and the guy you met on a dating site. Photoshop your pictures. Virtual Tours can walk you through a property, vacation destination or The Eight Wonders of the World. 

Our books are read to us. We don't call. We text. We don't write letters. We Email. Where's the personal touch? Eye contact? The sound of a voice? The holding of a hand. The scientifically proven benefit of a hug? The all encompassing thrill and magic of a kiss? Doesn't matter if that kiss is healing a boo-boo or a causing a young girl to fall in love.

There is very little you can't do on your cell phone or computer. What can't be done today will be possible by tomorrow. Virtual reality. Experience life without actually living it.

Fascinating. Terrifying. A blessing. A curse. The chance to reach every destination and goal without traveling the road or doing the work. We'll have thousands of people in our circle without knowing a single one. 

Yes. The ever-increasing ability to communicate with each other will eventually make us the loneliest people in the world.

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