Monday, October 22, 2018

Going Viral

There's no doubt that social media has affected every part of our lives. At what cost? Is our quality of life improved or dampened?

Past generations waited until the birth of a baby to find out if it was a boy or girl. Now... we throw 'Reveal Parties'. Epic celebrations where each expectant couple hopes to outdo every other parent. 
One couple actually started a wildfire in an area suffering from a drought. The explosives they used to spray out colored confetti accidentally shot hot embers into the woods. It costs the taxpayers millions of dollars and destroyed an entire forest to make their announcement.

Adoptions for older kids are now going viral as parents and future siblings 'break the news' to the newest family member in various, creative ways. Now the color s pink or blue and the way they were presented become more important than the birth of the child. The creation and growth of a family. 
Will kids feel less loved if their parents don't announce adoptions in some fantastic way? Have we allowed the internet to become a measuring stick of parental anticipation, excitement, and love?

We complain our privacy is sold to companies but we eagerly share every private moment with strangers across the globe. We are the main characters in the open books of our lives. Ordinary people are aspiring to become internet celebrities. Overnight sensations. Living for 'likes','shares' and yearning to go 'viral'.

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