Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Hardest Thing

I think the hardest thing a parent has to do is let their children go. Allow them to make mistakes, without rushing to their rescue. See them struggle without making things easier for them. Sometimes I wonder if I have the strngth to let them go. I know I have to let them experience life. Good and bad. It will make them stronger, more confident, and finally, more appreciative of the wonders God has given to us.
My parents were strong enough to let
me go. If my mother was still here with us, she'd smile knowingly. She raised seven children with problems unimaginable. I realize now, that by letting us sort things out for ourselves, she was convincing us that we were deserving of her confidence. She knew we could do it.
In my mind, I know that if you always carry a baby, he will never learn to walk. But in my heart, I hold my breath as he struggles and falls. It's worth the pain, when you finally see him walk, run and laugh. But this knowledge is easily overlooked, especially when progress is fleeting.

I hope the experts are right.

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