Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In case I don't get Kenny G's permission to use his rendition of 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' as the background music for my book trailor, I have a few very talented teenagers who are willing to record it for me. However, I need to find out who has the publishing rights and copyright to the song. It's proving to be a very difficult task. The music industry is very possessive. I discovered that even if a small business wanted to use a particular song (s) as the background music for the customers to listen to while they are on hold, you have to have a license. You even need a license to play elevator music! This leads me to believe that I will have to pay a fee to use the music, if I find out who holds the copyright. Unless I want to risk a large fine and/or imprisonment. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

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