Friday, January 8, 2010

Passing Whispers

Since I plan to share my venture into having a book published, I should let you know a little about the book.
Here's the synopsis:

When Detective Endel Sorra is killed during a robbery shortly before Christmas, the lives of his loved ones are shattered.

One year later, his wife Kate, bitter, angry and full of hatred, continues to blame herself for his tragic death. Hector Ramos, the store clerk who was also shot in the robbery, must spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Jake Conway, the teenage shooter, overcome with guilt for his crime, commits suicide. He leaves behind his girlfriend Jenna, who is seven months pregnant. After she dies of a heroin overdose, the baby is left to be raised by Jake's mother. She is a foul, uncaring drunk who keeps him solely for the extra cash she gets in her monthly welfare check. Having lost their only child, Endel's parents face the heart-wrenching reality that they will never become grandparents.

It will take nothing less than a miracle to repair these broken lives. When Kate Sorra comes across the Snow Globe that her husband had given to her the first Christmas they were married, she gets that miracle.

Endel finds a way to come back to her, and over the course of two weeks he guides her in learning the truth about his death and other relationships in her life that are keeping her from being happy.

Kate’s relentless grief has blinded her to the pain that her husband’s death has caused everyone else around her. With Endel’s support and encouragement, she begins to understand the circumstances that led Jake Conway to commit the robbery, and accepts the fact that she was not to blame. Hector Ramos teaches her how people can face devastating losses and continue to lead productive lives. Along the way Kate uncovers the details of her own father’s death years ago, and discovers the loving relationship she never knew her parents shared.

Kate enlists the help of a co-worker, Brian Morris, and together they devise a plan to renovate Hector’s house so he can be more independent. Although it’s breaking Endel’s heart to watch them fall in love, he wants Kate to go on with her life, and find the happiness he had hoped they would always share.

Although initially opposed to Endel’s suggestion that she consider adopting Jake Conway’s baby, she eventually embraces the idea, and convinces Endel’s parents to share in the love this child can bring into their lives.

In a simultaneous sub-plot, the readers get to meet Brian Morris’s family. His parents are wealthy socialites who have many secrets that they have kept hidden from him, including the fact that he is really not their son.

Kate and Endel spend one last magically romantic night together before he has to say goodbye. Finding the strength to let Endel go, Kate discovers a new purpose and meaning to her own life.

I have been keeping busy while waiting for the editing to be completed. The main characters in the story share a romantic dinner at 'Le Jules Verne Restaurant' in Paris. I just received their permission to use the name. Kate Sorra's favorite television series is 'Desperate Housewives'. It turns out that Disney owns the program. Go figure! I am waiting to hear back from them, but they make you use snail mail.

I'd like to produce my own book trailer. Since the Snow Globe plays 'I'll Be Home For Christmas', I think that would be a perfect sound tract. Kenny G's rendition is beautiful. I'm trying to find out who I could ask for permission. From what I hear about artisits, I have a feeling they won't let me use the song. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though.

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