Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Good news! I won't be writing my future novels from prison! I got the license to use the melody 'I'll be Home For Christmas' as the background music for my book trailer. I found a wonderful and talented high school student (Dustin DeBernardo) to play the saxophone. When I approached him with the project, he said that the song had always been special to him. He recently lost his grandmother, and he used to play it for her all the time. His mother (Stacey DeBernardo) a music teacher, plays the piano. They are working on a duet that will be taped at a local recording studio. God works in mysterious ways. Who needs Kenny G? This will be even better.

Costantino Funeral H
ome has agreed to allow me to do a photo shoot at their facility. I have two models who will play the parts of the main characters in the book. My lovely daughter, Christina Vance, will play the part of Kate Sorra.

Our friend (and professional model) Brad Smith, will play the part of Endel Sorra. Through some other mutual friends I found Len Romano, our official photographer.

Once we shoot the pictures, and record the music, I will put it all together and make a video. It will be available on FaceBook, YouTube, my Web Page, and this Blog.

This is all new to me, but it's very exciting. I'll keep you posted!